That's Her!

Thank you for your support with That's Her. That's Her LLC is a natural hair care company. Natural hair care including maintaining protective hair styles, treatments, products, and establishing the client's at home haircare and health routine. Established in 2019, CEO of That's Her Briona Day's rapid increase in clientele with extremely natural and thick hair established a need to research the best all things considering when servicing clients. Within research the knowledge for clients is vivid unless a client stylist relationship is there. Rather at home or in a salon That's Her is dedicated to provide clients with the best hair education 101, products, quality styles, and an unforgetable salon experience. 

Here at Her Academy we deliver braid, natural hair, and business education. Her academy was established in 2020 when Briona decided to retire. Conflict happened when she had no one to refer her clients to. When in search for a hairstylist due to shop sisters relocating, there wasn't many places to look. At that point Briona was determined to share her technique with the world! Conducting her first one on one before teaching classes, she gave her all. Many scolded her for giving her all and charging not the worth. The trainee excelled in the business and technique and excelled effortlessly. She's here to pass down her knowledge and technique to create financial stability for many. Also to set the standard in any city!

Briona Crowned Valentines Day

Meet the CEO of That's Her & Her Academy. Hey everyone, I'm Briona Day. Born March 15, 1994 as a elementary student it was no doubt that I'd be a Cosmetologist. If I didn't know anything I knew I wanted to be my own boss and to do hair and the journey started in 2015. I overall have a turnt energy, but constantly battle myself in making sure I am the best me. When my hair is done and my business is taken care of I give myself the reassurance "That's Her, The Briona I know!" Self motivation is essential to my life. In my free time I focus on self care, care for my daughter, and being a good friend and family member.