Learn More About Braiding Education

That's Her! is dedicated to providing instruction and high-quality products to people interested in creating and maintaining natural hairstyles. One of the primary types of services offered on the site is braiding instruction sessions. We provide the sessions to help people master skills, allowing them to re-create them for themselves or others effectively. Anyone interested in braiding education can find the information and instruction they need to excel at braiding natural hair. To learn more, please visit the website and read the about us section and take some time to browse through the shop tab to see all the exciting products and services we currently offer.

At That's Her!, we provide braiding education to individuals who want to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to re-create natural braiding hairstyles on themselves and others. Our passion is educating clients about how to create protective hairstyles and provide them with the knowledge and products they need to effectively care for those hairstyles so hair can look and feel its best. On the website, visitors can view each style covered in the information sessions and a brief description and price for each session. There is also a range of products to choose from that can be ordered directly from the website and delivered to the client's home. Anyone who has an interest in learning more about natural hair is encouraged to stop by the website and see for themselves the variety of instructional sessions currently available, as well as prices. Those who need more details or answers to questions can directly reach out to us by using the contact information featured on the contact page.