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At That's Her!, people can learn more about unisex natural hair care, kids' natural hair care, and more. We provide a wealth of information and instruction to clients interested in maintaining and enhancing their natural hairstyles or recreating them for others. Take some time to visit our website and browse through the about us section and view the different instructional sessions currently available. Are easy to use website features pictures and descriptions of each hairstyle and prices for the instructional sessions. There are also a variety of products to help care for these hairstyles available directly from the website. Our mission is to provide our clients with everything they need to learn how to create and care for natural hairstyles for all sexes and ages.

Individuals interested in finding top-quality haircut care products for natural hair can find them on That's Her! website. We are committed to providing our clients with the products and services they need to create and care for natural hairstyles. Whether it's men's, women's, or kids' hairstyles, there is plenty of information and resources available through our website. To learn more, please browse through the informational session options that feature a picture of the particular style and a brief description and price for each session. We want to make having a beautiful natural hairstyle easier to create and manage.